Aiding the fight against cancer

Aiding the fight against cancer

Cancer is one of today's most devastating and costly diseases.  Unfortunately, cancer continues to grow more prevalent around the world, due to a combination of aging populations, lifestyles and environmental factors.  Approximately 40 percent of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetimes.

五分时时彩技巧At Agilent, the fight against cancer is at the forefront of what we do; and Agilent's Dako Pathology Solutions are the cornerstone of this fight.

The combined strength of two world-leading brands

In 2012 we acquired Dako, a leading provider of reagents, instruments, software and expertise.  For more than half a century, Dako products have helped pathologists make accurate diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for cancer patients. Scientific advancements and groundbreaking discoveries from Dako included the first conjugated antibodies; the first automation in IHC, H&E and special stains; and the first companion diagnostic test.

五分时时彩技巧While Agilent's Dako brand is well-known within clinical pathology, we also have a leading presence in many closely related fields, including the rapidly growing area of genomics.  Pathologists are increasingly sophisticated when it comes to incorporating molecular solutions in their portfolio, and Agilent is uniquely positioned to provide them with both suites of products.

五分时时彩技巧 This strength within pathology staining, genomics and companion diagnostics helps us to accelerate groundbreaking new technologies from a research into a clinical setting, and enables us to better serve our diagnostics customers in bringing robust and timely diagnoses to patients.

Partnering to improve patient care

五分时时彩技巧Agilent partners with research and clinical facilities worldwide to develop new tools and workflow solutions for discovery and therapeutic development. And we collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to advance tools used to uncover the possible causes of cancer – as well a multitude of other diseases.

Agilent solutions are used throughout the pharmaceutical value chain: From basic research and disease understanding, to drug development and clinical trials, and in manufacturing and quality control. Numerous pharmaceutical partners work with us to develop Dako companion diagnostics for oncology therapeutics, and will increasingly draw from Agilent's extended portfolio for more diagnostic technologies.

With innovative contributions like this from our Dako portfolio, Agilent holds an even stronger position for enabling researchers and clinical professionals to understand, diagnose and treat diseases.

Looking ahead

We believe that the future of diagnostics lies in continuing to develop new and better solutions and technologies, then making them accessible in a routine diagnostic setting. With earlier and more accurate testing, dramatic improvements in patient care can be within reach.

At Agilent, we will continue to push the boundaries of what is currently possible in the fight against cancer — because patients' lives depend on it.




Diagnostic certainty for every patient is a critical first step in the fight against cancer.

五分时时彩技巧Agilent's Dako pathology solutions are designed to help hospitals and pathology laboratories around the world make fast and accurate diagnoses. This enables the most effective treatment decisions for cancer patients, ultimately improving patient care and enhancing survival rates.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

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